Pilot Freeze Dryer

PFD-8512/PFD 5012

It has a condenser drainage capacity of 5 liters per 24 hours and a temperature of -50°C .&-85°C The device consists of 3 trays for placing the product in bulk and vials, and 8 vacuum tubes for connecting balloons, flasks, falcon and erlon. From glasses The flask can be used to place the flask and vial. It should be noted that as the ratio to the volume of the material is greater, the drying time will be lower

Pilot Freeze Dryer

widely used in medicine,pharmacy,biology research,chemical industry and food production etc.

Pilot Freeze Dryer

Pilot freeze-dryers are instruments specialized for process optimization or small batch production in flasks (vials) or product trays. With their geometric similarity, comparable temperature-control system, and identical operation, these systems are on a par with large production machines.

Technical Specification

Condenser Temperature– 85°C
Condenser Capacity in 24 Hours12L
Overall Condenser Capacity26 L
Condenser TypeInternal Coil
(316 Stainless Steel)
System RefrigerantCFC-Free
Defrost MethodManual
Controller (Automation)PLC Base LCD 7 inches
Vacuum IndicationAtmosphere to 0.001 Milibar
PC InterfaceRS485(Option)

Outer Dimensions: W x D x H*


Standard Voltages


100 x 90 x 180cm

450 kg



A vacuum oven or vacuum dryer is a chamber in which vacuum drying takes place. This device is often called (Vacuum Oven) in the pharmaceutical industry. Dryers or vacuum ovens are made of aluminum, one-piece steel to withstand high vacuum pressure without any deformation in the body. Vacuum ovens are used to reduce heat loss and pollution sources in the absence of air or other gases.




Pilot Freeze Dryer

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