Dena Vacuum Industry

Pilot Freeze Dryer

Pilot freeze-dryers are devices for process optimisation or small batch production in flasks (vials) or product trays.The Compact Pilot freeze dryer offers the functions and capabilities of a pilot freeze dryer with a useful surface of 0.6m² and a 15-kg


Laboratory Freeze Dryer

Laboratory freeze drying is used to remove water from delicate biological products without damaging their chemical structure. This allows them to be preserved easily and they can be reconstituted later by adding water or solvents.


Full list of Dena Vacuum Industry products include: Pilot freeze dryer, Shell freezer, Laboratory spray dryer & Rotary laboratory evaporator

Pilot Freeze Drayer

Pilot freeze-dryers are instruments specialized for process optimization or small batch production in flasks (vials) or product trays

Laboratory Freeze Dryer

Lab freeze dryers preserve perishable materials and prepare samples for transport. commonly used in pharmacy.

Shell Freezer

Shell Freezers provide a means to freeze a thin coating of sample on the inside walls of flasks.

Vacuum Oven

incubate samples at an elevated temperature in a vacuum. Applications include drying, curing, aging, vacuum embedding

Rotary concentrator under laboratory vacuum

Concentrators use a combination of centrifugal force & vacuum

Spray Drayer

Spray drying is a method of changing a dry powder from a liquid or slurry by rapidly drying with a hot gas.

Vacuum Pump

enable the removal of air and gas molecules from a sealed area to create an area devoid of air and/or gas.


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