Laboratory Freeze Dryer

FD-8524-URT( –85°C)

The FD Series is a laboratory freeze-dryer specially developed for basic research in biotechnology and scientific institutes.

Laboratory Freeze Dryer

widely used in medicine,pharmacy,biology research,chemical industry and food production etc.

Laboratory Freeze Dryer Model FD-8524-URT

The lab series freeze dryer is suitable for freeze drying test of laboratory biomedical samples. widely used in the pharmaceutical industry for vaccines, antibodies and other biological materials.

Technical Specification

SpecificationsModel FD-8524-URT
Condenser Temperature– 85°C
Condenser Capacity in 24 Hours24 L
Overall Condenser Capacity46 L
Condenser TypeInternal Coil
(316 Stainless Steel)
System RefrigerantCFC-Free
Defrost MethodManual
Controller (Automation)PLC Base (LCD 7)
Vacuum IndicationAtmosphere to 0.001 Millibar
PC InterfaceRS485(Option)
Outer Dimensions: W x D x H*850 x 650 x 2300mm
Weight380 kg
Standard Voltages380V3phases

What is Freeze Dryer ?

This device uses a solvent sublimation method to dry the heat sensitive materials. In fact, in this method,

the material is first frozen and then, by placing it inside the device and creating vacuum pressure by the solvent system, the solid phase is converted to the gas phase (sublimation), and eventually the substance remains dry. It should be noted that in this No thermal treatment is applied to the material and the physical property  and chemical material of the material are preserved.

Freezer Laboratory  Model FD-5010-BT
It has a condenser drainage capacity of 10 liters per 24 hours and a temperature of -50C. The device consists of 3 trays for placing the product in bulk and vials, and 8 vacuum tubes for connecting balloons, flasks, falcon and erlon. From glasses The flask can be used to place the flask and vial. It should be noted that as the ratio to the volume of the material is greater, the drying time will be lower.

If a loose freezer device is used, the material can be frozen in a layer on the inside of the thermoset and then attached to the freezer duct using rubber valves. In this way, the ratio of the surface to volume will rise.

Shell Freezer

provides fast freezing down to -40℃ by robust cooling system. Uniformity of sample is guaranteed by specially designed rotating

Laboratory Spray Dryer

Process of drying pharmaceutical products with the aim of improving the quality of the manufactured product

Rotary Laboratory Evaporator

Used in labs for the efficient and gentle removal of solvents from samples