Laboratory Freeze Dryer

What is freeze-dryer used for?

A perishable substance is preserved by removing water using a freeze drier, which increases its shelf life and/or makes it easier to transport.

What are the freezing equipment?

Freeze-dryers are regularly designed with four basic components: a drying chamber, a vacuum pump, a heat source, and a condenser

What is freeze drying?

A totally frozen sample is placed under a vacuum to eliminate any remaining water or other solvents, allowing the ice to transition directly from a solid to a vapor without first going through a liquid phase. This procedure is known as freeze drying.


Pilot Freeze Dryer

Pilot Scale Freeze Dryer are specially designed for drying processes of large-scale production units. Prefreezing and drying will be realized on liquid temperature controlled shelves inside the separate drying chamber (double-chamber-system). Pilot freeze-dryers are devices for process optimisation or small batch production in flasks (vials) or product trays.Pilot freeze-dryers are instruments specialized for process optimization or small batch production in flasks (vials) or product trays.

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